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LifeOnMars Welcomes You

Brought to by Elephants in Main Street Gauteng Franchise

Bring your team home to this safe COVID 19 Free Planet. All you need is a ticket on Tunguska Express and an MS Teams account and you are hooked up to the adventure. We have a series of missions waiting for your team.

All funds raised will go to Big Ears Trust and support the drive to help children hear on this planet.

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Book your team on an adventure into space

Our Background

At Elephants in Main Street, we have taken on the challenge that the new normal has presented many of our clients around the world and have designed a series of innovative, high impact experiences which raise the ability to confront the digital era, increase agility and improve not only people's ability to learn but actually boost willingness to try new things outside their comfort zones. LifeOnMars is real in every scene. Survival depends on curiosity, collaboration and courage to change together. Book it now for your team. You will be so glad you did.

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Improve your team's ability to engage in the digital world

Here’s What We Provide

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Customised set up and matching your goals and purposes to the mission

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Private booking time for your team expeirence

Here For You


Training and pre-experience orientation

Next Level Service

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Consultation and advice on how to use this raise agility and innovation in your team

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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